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Midterm II Practise Questions W2013 Key UPDATED

D the more energy the female devotes to offspring the

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Unformatted text preview: e. C. competitive interactions among individuals in the population. D. chance 8. A population pyramid: A. reflects the number of individuals in various age groups in a population. B. directly predicts future age distributions of the population. C. predicts survival and mortality rates for an individual at a given age. D. shows the current birth and death rates of a population. E. can be constructed from data gathered in one census of a population. 9. Which of the following describes the reproductive strategy of Pacific salmon, which die shortly after spawning (reproduction)? A. Allee strategy B. Iteroparous C. Semelparous D. Dispersed 10. Why can't a female lizard have both high fecundity and high survival? A. In only rare cases, lizards have both high fecundity and high survival. B. Female lizard...
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