Midterm II Practise Questions W2013 Key UPDATED

D the parasite manipulates the behaviour of the snail

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Unformatted text preview: ions among which some individuals move occasionally E. A group of subpopulations among which individuals move on a regular basis. 18. In conservation biology, what does the term “corridor” refer to? A. The path an organism takes from its home to its food source. B. The edge of a given patch of habitat. C. The path a conservation biologist takes through a habitat to minimize any negative effects on the habitat's biodiversity. D. Sections of habitat that organisms use to travel between two or more isolated patches of habitat. E. None of the above answers is correct. 19. Which of the following attributes of a species might render it especially susceptible to extinction? A. The species has a short generation time. B. It has a narrow dispersal range. C. It is an inva...
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