Midterm II Practise Questions W2013 Key UPDATED

D a new niche is created 24 the principle of

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Unformatted text preview: sive species. D. It lives in a marine habitat. E. It exists in two distinct subpopulations. 20. Some birds follow moving swarms of army ants in the tropics. As the ants march along the forest floor hunting insects and small vertebrates, birds follow and pick off any insects or small vertebrates that fly or jump out of the way of the ants. This is an example of what kind of species interaction? A. competition B. commensalism C. consumption D. parasitism E. mutualism 21. Snails typically avoid sunlit areas, but some snails infected with certain parasites become attracted to light and prefer sunlit areas. Which of the following is the most likely hypothesis given the life cycles of many parasites? A. The parasite itself must be exposed to light in order to survive in the snail. B. The...
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