Midterm II Practise Questions W2013 Key UPDATED

Humans living in environments with good medical care

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Unformatted text preview: e allow similar species to coexist. Two species can coevolve to share the same niche. Differential resource utilization results in the decrease in species diversity. 30. Few carnivores can be supported in a food web because A. Mineral nutrients don’t cycle quickly enough B. They produce only a few young per generation. C. A large amount of energy is lost at each trophic level. D. Their generation time is very long. 31. Keystone species can maintain species diversity in a community if they A. Prey only on the least abundant species in the community B. Prey on the community’s dominant species. C. Competitively exclude other predators. D. Allow immigration of other predators. E. Reduce the number of disruptions in the community. 32. According to the theory of island biogeography,...
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