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16 what is a hybrid zone a an area where two

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Unformatted text preview: isolation, genetic drift, divergence 12. A mule is an example of a. hybrid inviability. b. mechanical isolation. c. temporal isolation. d. hybrid sterility. 13. If speciation occurs with the production of two or more species in a small area, ____ is (are) probably responsible. a. both sympatric and parapatric speciation b. either sympatric or parapatric speciation c. only sympatric speciation d. only parapatric speciation 14. If a flood separated a large population into two populations, this would be an example of which process? a. polyploidy b. allopatric speciation c. sympatric speciation d. parapatric speciation 15. The definition of allopolyploidy is a. a genetic divergence that results in nonviable offspring. b. a decrease in chromosome number within a single species. c. an increase in chromosome number within a single species. d. an increase in chromosome number due to hybridization of different species. 16. What is a hybrid zone? a. an area where two populations may breed and produce inviable, infertile offspring b. an area where two populations may breed and produce inviable, fertile offspring c. an area where two populations may breed and produce viable, fertile offspring d. an area where no hybrids exist 17. Polyploidy is a mechanism that can allow _________to occur. a. Allopatric b. Nongenetic c. Parapatric d. Sympatric 18. Local variants of species that interbreed where their distributions overlap are called a. Clines b. Subspecies c. Both A & C 19. There is still some controversy among biologists about whether Neanderthals should be placed within the same species as modern humans, or into a separate species of their own. Most DNA sequence data analyzed so far indicate that there was probably little to no gene flow between Neanderthals & Homo sapiens. Which species concept is most applicable in this example? a. phylogenetic b. ecological c. morphological d. biological 20....
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