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Practise Questions Midterm II W2013

A green algae and land plants are not related b green

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Unformatted text preview: ele in that village is statistically higher than it is in the immigrant’s homeland. The high frequency of the allele in the village likely provides an example of: a. Natural selection b. Concept of relative fitness c. HW genetic equilibrium d. Phenotypic variation e. Founder effect. 26. Explain why genetic drift is much more important in small populations than large populations. 27. In 1789 a small band of mutineers led by Fletcher Christian took over the British warship HMS Bounty. They fled first to Tahiti and then to tiny Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific, along with a small population of native Tahitians. Some of the sailors married Polynesians there and raised families. All contemporary Pitcairn islanders can trace at least part of their family tree back to the colonization event. What evolutionary forces were at work in this small, isolated population during and after the arrival of the mutineers and Polynesians? 28. Because of fluctuations in the environment, such as depletion of food supply or an outbreak of disease, a population may periodically experience a rapid and marked decrease in the number of individuals. This form of genetic drift is called _______. 29. Applying the principle of parsimony to the trait ‘ability to fly’, which of the phylogenetic trees is better? a. Tree 1 b. Tree 2 c. Both trees are equally parsimonious 30. Which of the following have biologists used in an attempt to understand the phylogenetic relationships among organisms? a. Examine the fossil record. b. Compared morphological features. c. Examined similarities and differences in DNA sequences of homologous genes. d. All of these are used to understand evolutionary relationships. 31. On the tree of life, branches that lead to several groups of green algae branch off from the one that leads to land plants. Which of the following statements is correct? a. Green algae and land plants are not related....
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