YUBS BIOL 1001 Tutorial Midterm 1- Jan 30

G two of the above neta the changes observed in the

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Unformatted text preview: d D G)  Both B and C INSIYAH KANJEE Which of the following can be classified as paTerns found in the Unifying Concepts of Biology A)  All cells come from pre- exisGng cells B)  CharacterisGcs of populaGon remain fairly constant overGme C)  Individuals with certain heritable traits produce more offspring than those without the traits D)  All organisms are made up of cells E)  Both B and D F)  Both A and D G)  Both B and C INSIYAH KANJEE Why are fruit flies good model organisms? What is characterisGc of a good model organism? NeTa Why are fruit flies good model organisms? •  Fast development cycle •  Easy and cheap to culture in the lab •  GeneGcs of Drosophila is well studied What criteria selects for a good model organism? •  Rapid development Gme •  Short life cycle •  Small adult size •  Ready availability NeTa In the manipulaGon of fruit flies, increased resistance to starvaGon was a result of: A)  Change in the populaGon due to n...
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