Mergers examples include ambevanheuser busch bpamoco

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Unformatted text preview: orporate The mergers has increased in recent years. mergers Examples include Ambev/Anheuser-Busch; BP/Amoco; Examples and acquisitions by Ford Motor such as Volvo (of Sweden), who, in 2010, reached a deal to sell Volvo to China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Ford China Zhejiang purchased Volvo for $6.5b in 1999…..and sold it for $1.5b in 2010. $1.5b The purchaser of an international company needs to The analyze the target company’s financial statements analyze financial to determine the acquisition price. Sounds basic Reasons to Analyze Foreign Reasons to Analyze Foreign Financial Statements Other reasons Extending credit for foreign customers. Evaluating foreign vendors. Comparisons to international competitors. Foreign Financial Statement Analysis – Foreign Financial Statement Analysis – Problems and Solutions Data accessibility Relative to the U.S., financial information is difficult to Relative obtain in many countries. in While databases of foreign financial statements do exist,...
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