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Chapter 3 Part 1 - PSYC 2010(Dr Escobar Chapter 3(part I...

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1 Evolution and Natural Selection • Artificial selection = Human-controlled selective breeding of animals or plants. Natural and artificial selection • Natural selection = Selective breeding imposed by the environment. Darwin’s theory of natural selection PSYC 2010 (Dr. Escobar) Chapter 3 (part I) - Evolution and genetics
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2 • Organisms that have traits that help them adapt to the environment are more likely to reproduce and pass the trait into the next generation. Darwin’s theory of natural selection • Passes to next generation = SELECTED FOR. • Does not pass to next generation = SELECTED AGAINST. • Natural selection will occur only if there is genetic variability. The importance of variability • Variability increases either through mutation or sexual reproduction. • Random errors that occur in the genetic material. Mutations • Most mutations are harmful (selected against), but some are useful (selected for).
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