Chapter 04 - The Brain

Basal ganglia initiation of planned movement learning

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Unformatted text preview: May increase size with experience. • Amygdala = Emotional learning. • Basal ganglia = Initiation of planned movement; learning of routines; experience of reward. 7 PSYC 2010 (Dr. Escobar) Chapter 4 - The brain The cerebral cortex Let’s divide the brain • The brain can be divided into 2 hemispheres and 8 (4x2) lobes. The 2 hemispheres Right hemisphere Left hemisphere 8 PSYC 2010 (Dr. Escobar) Chapter 4 - The brain Lobes and primary areas Primary motor cortex Prefrontal cortex ca Bro Somatosensory cortex We r nicke Primary auditory cortex Visual (striate) cortex What does the rest of the brain do? • It serves to associate information processed by the primary areas. Contralateral control • The right side of the brain “feels” and “controls” the left side of the body and vice versa. • We do not really know why, but nerve fibers “cross” to the other side at the brainstem. 9 PSYC 2010 (Dr. Escobar) Chapter 4 - The brain Consequences of damage to the cortex • Damage to the cortex = Loss of function. Which function depends on the area damaged. • Sometimes other areas of the brain take over the lost function = Some recovery. Bra...
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