Chapter 04 - The Brain

Critical periods of development hebbian learning fire

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Unformatted text preview: in plasticity • Embryonic cells can take any function depending on their surrounding tissue. • Critical periods of development. • Hebbian learning = “Fire together, wire together”. • Neurogenesis in the adult brain. The divided brain • Most of our brain structures exist in duplicate (left and right). • Our two hemispheres are joined by a bundle of axons (the corpus callosum). 10 PSYC 2010 (Dr. Escobar) Chapter 4 - The brain Symmetries and asymmetries in the brain • The left and right hemispheres are symmetrical with respect to their motor and sensory functions. Lateralization of function • The two hemispheres function differently when it comes to certain tasks. Nonverbal, visuespatial analysis of information Language production and comprehension R L The split brain • A treatment for epilepsy was to section the corpus callosum. • No real loss of function after surgery. • However, some tests suggested that the two areas of the brain were not communicating. 11 PSYC 2010 (Dr. Escobar) Chapter 4 - The brain How do split-brain patients deal with a divided body? • The two hemispheres communicate at levels other than the co...
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