Chapter 04 - The Brain

Some people have their language abilities in both

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Unformatted text preview: rpus callosum. • Lateralization is not complete: – Some people do not have language abilities in their right hemisphere. – Some people have their language abilities in both hemispheres. – Some people have their language centers in the right hemisphere. From brain activity to consciousness The study of consciousness • Each person has his/her own subjective experience of being conscious. • Qualia = properties of subjective experience. • Access to information may be conscious or unconscious. 12 PSYC 2010 (Dr. Escobar) Chapter 4 - The brain Unconscious influences on behavior • Stimuli that are perceived subliminally can alter behavior. Is awareness located in a specific brain area? • Different types of awareness seem to be related to different areas of the brain. • Consciousness appears to be related to which areas of the brain are most active = neuronal workspace model. • Blindsight = Damage to part of the visual cortex results in people being blind but able to “see” without awareness. 13...
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