ANTH240-sept20 - ANTH240 9.20.2007 Dating Methods (sheet...

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ANTH240 – 9.20.2007 Dating Methods (sheet included) -Sometimes we can date a site with geographically distinct events (volcanos) - Direct v. indirect dating - Direct : dating the object itself - indirect : dating material found with the object Relative v. Absolute Dating -Relative: gives chronological association, not a fixed calendar date -absolute: (Chronometric Dating) fixes events or objects to an actual calendar date (or “clock time”) Relative Dating Methods- Stratigraphic Relations, The Law of Superposition : material in lower levels were deposited earlier than those in higher levels Seriation : method based on the notion that human behavior changes continually, and so do its material products -goal is to order artifacts in a series so that adjacent members of the series are more similar and that distant members in the series are unlike -seriation assumes: -regular behavior -similar looking artifacts from the same time period -people do adopt “new” things -the adoption and fall-from-favor of styles Is gradual
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ANTH240-sept20 - ANTH240 9.20.2007 Dating Methods (sheet...

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