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471-2004-1-Concentrating collector-Serkan Kapucu

A stirling engineparabolic dish system holds the

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Unformatted text preview: logies. A Stirling engine/parabolic dish system holds the world’s record for converting sunlight into electricity. In 1984, a 29% net efficiency was measured at Rancho Mirage, California [4]. measured 3.3. Power tower system A heliostat uses a field of dual axis sun trackers that direct solar energy to a large absorber located on a tower. To date the only application for the heliostat collector is power generation in a system called the power tower [3]. power The Power tower system is The shown in the figure 3.3.1 below. shown Figure 3.3.1 Power tower system [4]. Heliostats are shown in Heliostats the figure 3.3.2 below. the Figure 3.3.2 Heliostats [4]. A power tower has a field of large mirrors that follow the sun's path across the sky. The mirrors concentrate sunlight onto a receiver on top of a high tower. A computer keeps the mirrors aligned so the reflected rays of the sun are always aimed at the receiver, where temperatures well above 1000°C can be reached. Hightemperatures reached. Highpressure steam is generated to produce electricity [3]. The power tower system with heliostats is shown in the The figure 3.3.3 below. figure Figure 3.3.3 Power tower system with heliostats [4]. 3.4. Stationary concentrating solar collectors solar Stationary concentrating collectors use compound Stationary parabolic reflectors and flat reflectors for directing solar energy to an accompanying absorber or aperture through a wide acceptance angle. The wide acceptance angle for these reflectors eliminates the need for a sun tracker. This class of collector includes parabolic trough flat plate collectors, flat plate collectors with parabolic boosting reflectors, and solar cooker. Development of the first two collectors has been done in Sweden. Solar cookers are used throughout the world, especially in the developing countries [3]. countries 4. Working principles of concentrating collectors concentrating Unlike solar (photovoltaic) cells, which use light to produce Unlike electricity, concentrating solar power systems generate electricity with he...
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