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Typically a natural gas fired heat or a gas steam

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Unformatted text preview: ow solar radiation. Typically, a natural gas-fired heat or a gas steam boiler/reheater is used. Troughs also can gas be integrated with existing coal-fired plants [5]. be 4.2. Dish Systems 4.2. Dish systems use dish-shaped parabolic mirrors as Dish reflectors to concentrate and focus the sun's rays onto a receiver, which is mounted above the dish at the dish center. A dish/engine system is a stand alone unit cent dish/engine composed primarily of a collector, a receiver, and an engine. It works by collecting and concentrating the sun's energy with a dishshaped surface onto a receiver that absorbs the energy and transfers it to the engine. The engine then converts that energy to heat. The heat is then converted to mechanical power, in a manner similar to conventional engines, by compressing the working fluid when it is cold, heating the compressed working fluid, and then expanding it through a turbine or with a piston to produce mechanical power. An electric generator or alternator converts the mechanical power into electrical power. into Each dish produces 5 to 50 kW of electricity and can be used independently or linked together to increase generating capacity. A 250-kW plant composed of ten 25-kW dish/engine systems requires less than an acre of land. Dish/engine systems are not commercially available yet, although ongoing demonstrations indicate good potential. Individual dish/engine systems currently can generate about 25 kW of electricity. More capacity is possible by connecting dishes together. These systems can be connecting combined with natural gas, and the resulting hybrid provides continuous power generation [5]. provides The right figure 4.2.1 The shows the combination of parabolic dish system. parabolic Figure 4.2.1 Combination of parabolic dish system [4]. 4.3. Central Receiver Systems 4.3. Central receivers (or power towers) use thousands of Central individual sun-tracking mirrors called "heliostats" to reflect solar energy onto a receiver locate...
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