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Arrivals or inputs to the system population size

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Arrivals or inputs to the system Population size, behavior, statistical distribution 1. Queue discipline, or the waiting line itself Limited or unlimited in length, discipline of people or items in it 1. The service facility Design, statistical distribution of service times D–6 Parts of a Waiting Line Population of dirty cars Arrivals from the general population … Queue (waiting line) Service facility Dave’s Dave’s Car Wash Car Enter Arrivals to the system Arrival Characteristics Size of the population Behavior of arrivals Statistical distribution of arrivals Exit the system In the system Waiting Line Characteristics Limited vs. unlimited Queue discipline Exit Exit the system Service Characteristics Service design Statistical distribution of service D–7 Arrival Characteristics 1. Size of the population Unlimited (infinite) or limited (finite) 1. Pattern of arrivals Scheduled or random, often a Poisson distribution 1. Behavior of arrivals Wait in the queue and do not switch lines No balking or reneging D–8 Poisson Distribution e -λ λ x P(x) = x! where for x...
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