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CLAS170-Oct3 - CLAS170-Oct3 Hercules Man or beast-ex/satyrs...

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CLAS170-Oct3 Hercules Man or beast? -ex/satyrs and centaurs: uncivilized -erymanthian boar (K6 apollodorus) Costume -Primitive: lion’s skins -Modern: Deinira, poisoned clothes Weapons -Club: primitive force -Bow: cowardly/primitive Hercules’ Women : Megara of Thebes: wife 1 -killed by Heracles in fit of madness -Heracles kills all of their children Hesione of Troy: Heracles first to sack Troy Omphale, Queen of Lydia: Heracles enslaved, sexually dominant female Deianira of Calydon: wife 2, poisoned clothes (thought to be a love potion), sister of Meleager Has son, named Hyllus Iole: daughter of Eurytus, sister of iolaus Hebe: wife 3, goddess of youth Hercules with Omphale -to cure a diease brought on by killing Iphitus, Hercules, receives an oracle that he must be sold into slavery -sold by Hermes to Omphale, queen of Lydia -significance? Deed of Heracles -many more deeds than other heroes
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-Twelve Labors -ordered by Uncle Eurystheus -Praxeis: “deeds” – other deeds
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