CLAS170-Oct17 - CLAS170-Oct17 Achilles' Double Fate -why...

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CLAS170-Oct17 Achilles’ Double Fate -why does Thetis hide Achilles? “for my mother the goddess, silver-footed Thetis, tells me that twofold fates are bearing me toward the doom of death: if I abide here and play my part in the siege of Troy, then lost is my home-return, but my renown shall be imperishable; but if I return home to my dear native land, lost then is my glorious renown, yet shall my life long endure, neither shall the doom of death come soon upon me.” Illiad 9 Theme of the Iliad -Menis: rage, wrath, anger -“rage; sing, Goddess, the Rage of Achilles, the son of Peleus…” What kind of Rage? “black and murderous, that cost the Greeks incalculable pain, pitched countless ouls of heroes into Hades’ dark, and left their bodies to rot as feasts for dogs and birds, as Zeus’ will was done.” At whom is Achilles angry? -“begin with the calsh between Agamemnon, the Greek warlord, and godlike Achilles” -Achilles vs. Agamemnon, King of Mycenae -tenth year of the war -quarrel and loss of Briseis
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CLAS170-Oct17 - CLAS170-Oct17 Achilles' Double Fate -why...

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