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Physics 115 Test 2A with key

Physics 115 Test 2A with key - PHYS115 Spring 2013 1 Test 2...

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PHYS115 g = 9.8 m/ 1 inch = 2 1 pound = 1 pound f Question a. N b. r c. N d. r Answer (a) l Question clock, why a. yo b. th c. th d. th Answer (d) force bigger Question recoils in a. 7 7 b. 7 c. 7 d. 0 5 – Spring 201 /s 2 5.4 mm = 1 lb = 0.454 force = 1 lbf = 1 – What is t N rad/s 2 N/rad rad/s like all forces, th 2 – As you w y does the kn our hand is ju he spring con he spring’s dis he mainspring The more you w r and bigger. 3 – Your 7 kg your arms ba 700 14 m/s 7 2 7 700 (0.005) 700 0.005 0 7 700 0.005 7 13 kg = 1 lb × g the SI unit of he centripetal fo ind the main nob get harde ust getting tir stant is gettin stortion is ge g obeys Hook wind the spring, g rifle fires a 5 ackward at 400 m/s 0.50 m/s 0.050 m/s centripetal fo rce is measured spring of a m er and harder ed. ng bigger tting bigger ke’s law the more it gets 5 gram bullet 1 orce? in newtons (N). echanical wa to turn? s distorted and a t forward with . atch or according to Hoo h muzzle velo Tes oke’s law this m ocity 700 m/s st 2 - 19 April akes its restorin sec. The rifle l 2013 ng
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PHYS115 Answer (c) B momentum momentum bullet bull pm At the same rifle rifle The vector s the shot (co If we take th toward the rif 3.5 7 v  Question At which a. at b. at c. at d. in Answer (a) Y your swing, points along direction, an that your ap Answer (a) 5 – Spring 201 Before the shot before the shot et bullet 0.005 v  e time, the rifle m rifle rifle 7 (d vv  sum of these tw onservation of m he plus sign (+) t shooter, we get le 03 . 5  4 – As you sw point do you t the lowest p t the top of y t the top of y n the middle o You move back a because that’s g the chains of t nd, like we said, pparent weight i See Fig. 2.2.6 (a 13 is fired, both the t is zero. After th 700 3.5 kg moves toward y direction: towar o momenta is th omentum), whi to indicate the d t rifle rifle 7 wing back and feel the heav point of your our swing go our swing go of your swing and forth along where you go fa he swing to its p is biggest at the is biggest at the a) and its discuss e bullet and the he shot has been m/s (direction: ou (the shooter rd shooter) he total momen ch was zero. direction away fr 3.5 0.5 m/s 7  d forth on a p viest? swing ing either for ing backward g going forwa part of a circle ( astest. Here, like pivoting points. S e bottom of you lowest point. Q W th sion in the book. 2 rifle have zero m n fired, the bulle away from shoo ), and has mome tum after the sh rom the shooter playground sw rward or back d rd, but not ye a so called arc). it does all the t So there the fee r swing. You mu Question 5 – T What frictiona he ground (se a. static b. static c. sliding d. sliding . momentum: nei et moves away f oter) entum hot, but this mus r, and the minus wing, your ap kward et at the lowe The centripetal ime when you’r ling of accelerat ust now add the The cart is pu al force acts o ee arrow)?
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Physics 115 Test 2A with key - PHYS115 Spring 2013 1 Test 2...

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