CLAS170-Oct29 - Hector goes to hug him Astyanax cries...

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CLAS170-Oct29 Oresteia: story of Orestes, son of Agamemnon Eumenides, Aeschylus Book 6 Iliad Glaucus and Diomedes Diomedes asks Glaucus’ background, Glaucus related to Bellerophon Diomedes grandfather Oenus entertained Bellerophon in his home Cannot fight each other (because of Xenia, special relationship between guest and host) Camaraderie develops, both trade armor, Zeus takes Glaucus’ sense (had gold armor, traded  for lesser) Bellerophon Same generation as Perseus Suppressed by Proetus (brother of Acrisus) Sent away on a journey  Proetus wife desires him, Bellerophon refuses, wife tells Proetus that Bellerophon forced  himself on her, Proetus sends him out on ‘impossible’ journey Rides Pegasus Hector returns to Troy, looking for women to pray for Troy Finds Hecuba Encounters Paris and Helen Finds Andromache On top of tower, with Astyanax (Scamandrius)
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Unformatted text preview: Hector goes to hug him, Astyanax cries, Hector takes helmet off Hecuba offers him wine, for Pour a libation to Zeus Drink for himself Refuses both, because he is unclean (just came off battlefield), and because it would draw from his fighting power Book 7 Hector and Ajax duel to a draw Talthybius and Idaeus separate the two Book 8 Hera and Athena come down to change flow of battle Zeus turns them back through Iris Zeus declares fate of Troy Book 9 Phoenix, Odysseus, and Telemonian Ajax go to Achilles Agamemnon’s gifts: Briseis, city of his choice, marry his daughters Appeal to him Odysseus Gain honor, fight with countrymen Retorts that he will gain honor from Zeus Phoenix tells story of Meleager Myths I. Trojan Cycle/Troy II. Thebes III. Argonauts IV. Calydonian Boar Hunt (Meleager kills boar)...
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CLAS170-Oct29 - Hector goes to hug him Astyanax cries...

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