HW3 - Alternate Reality Games


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Unformatted text preview: zones that formed in some cities. _____________________________________________________________________________________ The green zones were safe and cops would enter but the red zones were almost off limits. I also thought that the _____________________________________________________________________________________ relocation camps were an interesting thing that developed as the crisis progressed. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Step #10: How effective is the “alternate reality game” for predicting the future? What are the advantages and disadvantages? I think the effectiveness is mixed based on the question being asked. It is good because it allows a wide variety of _____________________________________________________________________________________ people to post which generates more ideas and outcomes. It also lets people try to experience the scenario _____________________________________________________________________________________ themselves and judge the possibility of some things. It is negative because it can generate some ideas that are not _____________________________________________________________________________________ very probable and the people contributing are usually not experts on the issue so a lot of the "events" that occur _____________________________________________________________________________________ may be based on misconceptions that the public has but that experts may know more about. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2...
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