HW3 - Alternate Reality Games

HW3 Alternate Reality Games

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Unformatted text preview: rden” idea refers to? I think it is referring back to WWII when "victory gardens" were planted by private residences to take pressure off _____________________________________________________________________________________ the food supply. It is implying that this may need to happen again because soon food will be too expensive. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Step #6: Use the WWO Time Machine feature in the top right to navigate to Week 6. Click on the “IN DENIAL: We Tell Your Stories” link and read the posting. East Coast and South specifically urban Florida & Georgia Where were the brownouts occurring that week? ____________________________________________ 1 Step #7: Read the blog entry at http://wwotext.blogspot.com/2007/05/fw‐from‐amanita‐pavlova_06.html. (If the link won’t work, Google “Going Electric vs. This Isn't Happening...
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