HW6 - Reach and Holdup

Att was struggling at the time and felt like they had

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Unformatted text preview: AT&T accept these terms while Verizon did not? AT&T was struggling at the time and felt like they had no choice but to accept the terms propose to them. On the _____________________________________________________________________________________ other hand Verizon did not accept the terms because it did not want to give up its ability to insure customer service. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Verizon decided that customer service was something they would not give up and thus rejected the contract. _____________________________________________________________________________________ What changes led to the current partnership between Apple and Verizon? AT&T had infrastructure problems and difficulty supporting the iPhone. Also Verizon came to be know as the more _____________________________________________________________________________________ reliable carrier and thus "better". The Android phones were also introduced which helped shift the market away from _____________________________________________________________________________________ Apple and weakened their hold on the market. The combination of these events weakened Apple and shifted the _____________________________________________________________________________________ power to where Apple needed Verizon more than Verizon needed Apple and thus allowed the current partnership. _____________________________________________________________________________________...
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