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Chapter 1 Basics of Geography

Examples theearthorapressurizedchamber

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Unformatted text preview: esentations (i.e. a globe, a miniature toy car) – Pictorial models: maps, graphics, etc. – Conceptual model: a mental image of an Earth feature, or a mental map. Models and Models and Systems • Systems Analysis – System defined by accounting for all the different parts and processes – Interaction of the different system parts must be examined • Consists of input and outputs – Inputs: energy / matter entering a system – Outputs: energy / matter leaving the system • Example: A thunderstorm – Input: warm, moist air feeding the storm system, allowing growth – Output: cool air, rain falling and exiting the storm system Models and Models and Systems • Open System: System where energy / matter move freely as inputs and outputs. – Examples: • Stream: rock sediments enter and leave the...
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