Chapter 1 Basics of Geography

Modelsand modelsand systems

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Unformatted text preview: system • Plants: sunlight, CO2 & water are ingested, oxygen is released • Closed System: System where no substantial matter enters or leaves the system. – Examples: • The Earth or a pressurized chamber. Models and Systems Models and Systems • Equilibrium: Inputs entering a system balanced by outputs leaving system. • i.e.) Pre­heated oven: Enough energy is input to offset energy output to maintain the oven at a certain cooking temperature. • Dynamic Equilibrium: A new balance established by fluctuations in inputs / outputs of a system. – i.e.) the process of pre­heating an oven: • Oven initially at equilibrium (room temperature) • Energy input is cranked up • New equilibrium (balance) is established when oven reaches and maintains desired pre­heated temperature, such as 300°F. Models and Systems Models and Systems Feedback: • Two or more variables within a system that are interdependent on each other. – A ‘snowball’ effect between 2 variables • One variable changes; it creates an effect on the • 2nd variable. Effects of...
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