Chapter 1 Basics of Geography

Modelsandsystems modelsandsystems

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Unformatted text preview: Environmental Science The Environmental Science Perspective • Life support system: – A set of inter­related components needed for life to exist. – i.e.) Oxygen, Water, the Atmosphere, solar energy, photosynthesis all needed for life on Earth • Natural Resources: – Any element, material, or organism existing in nature that may be useful to humans. • Pollution: – Undesirable or unhealthy contamination in the natural env’t. The Environmental Science The Environmental Science Perspective • Capacity of Earth to support • human population may have a threshold at some point. Possible limit to available environmental resources – Function of human population numbers and natural resource consumption per person • Long term environmental effects of fossil fuel dependence? Models and systems Models and systems • Model: a simplification of a • concept that is more complex in reality Examples: – Physical models: 3­D repr...
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