Chapter 1 Basics of Geography


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Unformatted text preview: eristics of Place – Spatial Distribution and Pattern – Spatial Interaction – The Changing Earth • The Environmental Science Perspective • Models and Systems Location Location • Absolute Location: – Using a coordinate system or address to identify a location; examples: • Current location: 310 McGilvrey Hall, Kent, OH 44242 • Coordinates of Kent, OH: 41°9′2″N 81°21′40″W • Relative Location: – Identifying one location in relation to a second location; examples: • The instructor is ~400 miles east of Chicago, IL • Kent, OH is ~40 miles southeast of Cleveland, OH Characteristics of Place Characteristics of Place • What are the unique features that define a specific location? – Example: • Kent, OH: – – – – hilly terrain Cuyahoga River Warm, humid summers Acorn Alley Spatial di...
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