Chapter 1 Basics of Geography

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Unformatted text preview: vent for land masses thousands of miles away The Changing Earth The Changing Earth • Different features pertaining to locations on earth constantly change in a spatial context: – How is the weather different today from yesterday? – How has the climate for Kent, OH changed from 100 years ago? – How has the population for Kent, OH changed from 100 years ago? • Geography encompasses characteristic changes that define a place over time System System • System: an entity consisting of interrelated parts or components – i.e. the human body • Subsystems: Smaller components comprising a system. – i.e. the skeletal system • Variables: Individual components of a system. – i.e.) skull, ribs, femur The Earth System • Earth system: – our planetary environment • Earth’s Four Major Subsystems – Atmosphere – Lithosphere – Hydrosphere – Biosphere Earth...
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