Theories of Communications Exam 2

Seeing as technology is an endlessly altered

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Unformatted text preview: the general process of communication in itself. Section B, Question #9 As stated throughout the course, the central issue with communication, revolves around the natural, human strive for perfection. Despite the inability for perfect communication to ever be achieved, heavy disappointment is still placed in mistakes and misunderstanding. Technology and it’s consistent development throughout time has created a whole new world for communication; from creating new channels to creating new kinds of ways to convey messages, technology has become “the chief message.” Seeing as technology is an endlessly altered invention, it is simply impossible for everyone to equally adapt to every change that occurs. Therefore, technology further solidifies the proposal that communication is not and will never be considered perfect. In addition to accepting the fact that technology exists and has a constant rate of change, technology should always be questioned, studied and analyzed. Therefore, we cannot simply eliminate the ability we have to look at communication. To look through communication, knowing that technology is the cause of many ongoing adjustments would lack sense entirely. It is, however, the vagueness of the term itself that makes it easy to...
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