Theories of Communications Exam 2

Similar to a model of platos hierarchy information is

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Unformatted text preview: scribes, information and artistry seem to have a constant battle with each other when it comes to the audience’s perception. Similar to a model of Plato’s hierarchy, information is sought through art in order to bring forth some sort of conclusion or understanding. Wilde also agrees that this concept negatively affects the way people view art: life imitates art; therefore, when informational art becomes the hierarchy, the theories of art are minimized. A last example to include would be Postman’s words in Alfred Korzybski: “As time ­binders, we can accumulate knowledge from the past and communicate what we know in the future” (Postman 139). Despite this passage’s ability to seemingly resemble Platonism, there is also Korzybski’s idea of “abstracting.” To abstract, involves omitting and altering ideas until they can be coherent in our current reality; which is, in fact, th...
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