Theories of Communications Exam 2

To direct oneself away from platonism is to except

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Unformatted text preview: e complete opposite of living life as a “copy.” Being a Caitlin Rose Theories of Communications Midterm, Fall 2012 theorist of communication is to acknowledge the patterns and the changes within them; therefore, it is not hard to find examples of theorists against Platonism. To direct oneself away from Platonism is to except the evolution of ideas. Section B, Question #8 There is a great contrast that can be made between the notion of form according to Burke and the notion of style according to Lanham. Interestingly enough, however, the two notions could also work comparatively as well. Without both of these notions, we would not have a full understanding of the communication process. It is given in Burke’s Psychology and Form, that suspense and surprise are used as manipulative factors toward the audience, toying with the previous expectations they may have. Form...
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