Theories of Communicaitons Application Paper

It operates in isolated actions blow by blow it takes

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Unformatted text preview: e service, they would most likely gain a positive response and increased business. If they were to this through an advertisement angle, they would have preformed a successful public relations tactic. While the general strategy would have involved referring the event to gain more audiences during the holiday season, various tactics would also be used to get the desired reaction achieved as quickly and widespread as possible. Theorist of communications, Michel De Createau, declares that the use of tactics goes along with the consistent process among human beings, known as “making do.” In his writing piece, Making Do: Uses and Tactics, De Createau further analyzes the concept of tactics: “[Tactic] does not have the options of planning general strategy and viewing the adversary as a whole within a district, visible and objectifiable space. It operates in isolated actions, blow...
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