Theories of Communicaitons Application Paper

The creators within each of these realms serve as

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Unformatted text preview: His writing piece, titled, Mediators, referred to the realms of art, philosophy and science. Despite the differences between these three concepts, Deleuze believed that they were all connected and cohesively interpreted by creators. The creators within each of these realms serve as mediators for each other: artists mediate scientists and vice versa. Therefore, without mediators, no new ideas can advance. This way of thinking could easily be applied to the public relations field, as any professional’s strategies and tactics could influence/mediate another’s. Even in a nonprofit sector, mediators can still arise: “the competition may be for donations, grants, clients, volunteers and even political influence”(Wilcox et al, 45). The ways in which public relations professionals handle crisis situations, are crucial to the success of their company: as stated previously, one professional’s downfall could teach another a...
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