Theories of Communicaitons Application Paper

What target believed would be an elimination of a

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Unformatted text preview: stime. For numerous years, bell ­ringers representing the Salvation Army have stood outside of well ­known stores, including Target, attempting to collect spare change from incoming customers during the holiday season. The total income they receive from these events would be distributed to the less fortunate during the holidays. When Target made the decision to ban these bell ringers from collecting donations at their entrances, the store immediately found itself in conflict with multiple community groups among the nation. What Target believed would be an elimination of a solicitation ­enforcing organization, eventually became a choice that suffered a $9 million cost to a Christian ­based charity. Being that this was the charity’s biggest income event of the year, the loss of donations from Target ­goers would cause a significant struggle to occur throughout the remainder of their services. Simply stated in an online article for NBC news, “it may cost Target as well ...
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