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Theories of Communicaitons Application Paper

When events such as these occur it is up to public

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Unformatted text preview: some other big chains are now publicly welcoming Salvation Army bell ringers” (Teague). This observation reveals Target to mediate the outlook of customers to be much more lenient toward the chains that allow Salvation’s Army’s traditional holiday charity service. Therefore, these other chains seized the public relations opportunity to use Target’s decision to their benefit. In this particular event, the process is clear: Target mediates; similar stores adopt a new success strategy. Although the public relations 4 Caitlin Rose Theories of Communications Application Paper perspective of Deleuze’s idea is far harsher, the basic concept of mediation still applies. When events such as these occur, it is up to public relations professionals to handle the reputation of their companies. If one of Target’s surrounding chains, such as Wal ­Mart, for instance, publicly encouraged the Salvation Army bell ­ringers after Target’s banning of th...
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