Theories of Communicaitons Application Paper

While mediators in public relations have the ability

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Unformatted text preview: way to succeed. Deleuze discussed artistic and philosophical mediators, building new ideas off of each other: he wrote, “…different modes of expression my have different creative possibilities, but they are all related insofar as they counter the introduction of a cultural space of markets and conformity ­ that is, a space of ‘producing for the market’ ­together” (Deleuze, 131). While mediators in public relations have the ability to create these positive connections, they can also determine loss and gain of others. A fitting example to this notion is a public relations crisis that occurred in 2004: a very unhappy reaction to a decision of the well ­known department store, 3 Caitlin Rose Theories of Communications Application Paper Target, caused the overall company to be an influencing mediator for competing stores alike. These stores that sell multiple kinds of necessities, reach a significantly large amount of consumers, especially near Christma...
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