Business Communications Textbook Exercise 19.6 Assignment

The rankings on the website also proved this idea to

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Unformatted text preview: es a portrait of a child. The writing of both reports, from what I could examine on the website, were clear and easy to understand. The rankings on the website also proved this idea to be true. The website emphasized a page of each report that consisted of graphs and charts. This page for the solar energy report showcased the market positions of power generations, electricity repair and distribution, heat protection and more. As the chapter states, any information used in a report must be functional to the topic: these graphs and charts fulfilled that requirement. The charts used in Procter and Gamble’s report were displayed almost like a web: different chunks of information were connected to images on the other side. While this design was easy to understand, it wasn’t as simple/straight forward as the graphs for the solar energy report. Being that both reports discuss the innovation of new ideas, they have the potential to be equally interesting. They also had ability to be convincing. Of all things presented in a report, the style of which the writer decides to display the data is highly important. Though the use of color within the Procter and Gamble report gained attention, making the background a two ­page spread one bright color seems somewhat unnecessary as a style choice. I, personally, thought that the report regarding solar energy seemed a bit more interesting, because the design/style was modern, while remaining understandable: their report’s style did not distract from the interesting information that is provided....
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