Business Communication, Visual Analysis Assignment

As a team we all made certain that we equally

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Unformatted text preview: (excessive use of colors and images) and should remain this way. Consideration of the information and ideas within this report could greatly benefit your already compelling document. As you may know, there is always room for improvement: your “Art and Wine with a Rose” website could easily reach its entire audience more effectively if it improved on the previously discussed aspects. Good work so far and best of luck to your business. Sincerely, Caitlin L. Rose. Date: 02, October 2012 To: Professor Rhodes Cc: From: Caitlin L. Rose Subject: Informal Memo Regarding the Visual Analysis Project The following information is an informal memo, explaining my contribution to the work of my in ­class group/ team for the Visual Analysis Project. As a team, we all made certain that we equally understood the objective of this Visual Analysis Project. During the class session on Thursday, September 27th, 2012 we all studied the Visual Analysis instructions and made a collective effort to answer each other’s questions regarding the criteria. In particular, I asked my group what kinds...
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