Business Communication, Visual Analysis Assignment

In addition to your clean and clear font your

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Unformatted text preview: the remaining tabs contain only small amounts of information and blank space. It may be best to use these spaces to incorporate corresponding visuals; perhaps more text could also be helpful. Just to be sure that each tab gets its point across with clarity similar to the homepage. Page Design Your use of one legible font throughout your entire document is very smart; it is easy to comprehend that you want your information to be understandable to your audience. In addition to your clean and clear font, your projected images are also concise. A portrait photograph of yourself is a great image to include with your introductory homepage: by incorporating one of your paintings in this same photo, you have visually explained to the audience who you are and how skilled you are at this subject. The photo gallery containing multiple photos of you teaching one of these adult classes demonstrates your overall abi...
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