Business Communication, Visual Analysis Assignment

Stating that you have taught in the school system for

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Unformatted text preview: classes; you are expanding your lessons to an audience far older than the age range in the Grosse Pointe Public School System. Stating that you have taught in the school system for 25 years was a very credible piece of information to include in your introduction: not only does this make the audience feel as though they know you on a more personal level, they can trust that art is a subject you are very familiar with. The opening quote of your homepage is certainly one of the most brilliant decisions among your web design process. By opening your document with “Have a fun night out with a few glasses of wine and walk away with an original painting,” your central selling point is introduced and you intrigue your target audience. Overall, the homepage had to have been the most effective component of your website. Document Layout The information you present on your homepage alone is clear and concise; meanwhile, the six remaining tabs seem to be equivalent in understandable material. These...
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