Business Communication, Visual Analysis Assignment

While giving the document a sense of character color

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Unformatted text preview: lity and is absolutely convincing. However, referring back to the prior note concerning the large amounts of white space, not all tabs have these beneficial visuals. Perhaps, instead of a gallery, the group of images could be scattered throughout the website. One photo could easily be distributed to each tab, further enhancing the website’s overall appeal. On a final note regarding design, there is much to be said about your color choices. In general, the color decisions you have made are substantial. The painting in your homepage photo clearly inspires the different shades of purple throughout your document. While giving the document a sense of character, color is also is used for important aspects: it is used in the title bar, the back border, the photos and the tabs. Particularly, the way that the text on each tab becomes bright purple once in contact with the cursor, is great. Any extra color should be used within the remaining white space only. Your document, currently, is free of chartjunk...
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