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Business Communication Invididual REPORT MEMO

I was able to place the corresponding information

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Unformatted text preview: . I also included slides that discussed the positive and negative elements of the Crooked Goose, both internally and externally. I was able to place the corresponding information into these slides, based off of the passages that each group member submitted to the file exchange on Blackboard. Design Elements When constructing this PowerPoint, I made certain that the design matched the theme of the restaurant: A red and black color scheme was maintained, inspired by the advertisements for/overall atmosphere of the Crooked Goose. I used only high quality photos available on a public venue of information by the Crooked Goose: essentially, the majority of the images in the PowerPoint originated from the Crooked Goose’s Facebook page. I used these images in a way that would enhance the content of the PowerPoint, rather than distract our audience from understanding it’s purpose. When our group had the last meeting before our presentation, on the night of Monday, November 26th, I presented my PowerPoint: your feedback on my presentation was applied, as I further edited the PowerPoint until it was perfected. Your information and criticism that was sent to me for the purpose of this visual, was, and still is greatly appreciated. Overall, I gave my best efforts in this entire report process, striving to present myself as a strong and loyal member to the group....
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