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Patrick McGuinness 3/25/08 Kurt Roderick In 1898 the Cuban resistance started to spiral out of control. The Spanish ideas were not working in Cuba. Cuba and Spain entered into violent conflict in Cuba’s quest for Freedom. Eventually the US became involved in this predicament. They sent the USS Maine to the Coast- line to show they are a power of presence in their own hemisphere. The Spanish American war proves how the US walking softly with a big stick. From the April of 1898 to August of 1898 the United States established themselves as an important institution, showing and maintaining a stable Government, and worthy opportunity for social devel. The fight for freedom also played a large roll in the evolution of government in Cuba. Due to military implications, financial and economical improvement, and most importantly human concern and safety, we as a nation, be- came involved, and consequently, acquired non American territories. The United States took the opportunity to acquire numerous territories in the Gulf of Mexico, Latin America and the Pacific. These acquisitions dealt with the welfare of the innocent, and the idea to capitalize on an increas- ing economy. President McKinley declared war on Spain because of Spain’s incompetence to control the country. “Mckinley shared America’s image of itself as an expanding, virile nation of superi- or institutions and as a major power in Latin America” (Paterson 14). War is always favored on a macro level, those that gain to profit from war are those who gain financially. History has proven that war improves the economy through supply and demand. More products are needed to fight,
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and more jobs are created to produce the product. The ongoing protest for Cuban independence was also creating problems for businessmen and farmers trying to make profit off the materials
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spain-amer war_FD - Patrick McGuinness 3/25/08 Kurt...

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