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Patrick McGuinness Sut Jhally Comm 287 December 11, 2007 Currently the United States is one of the top oil consuming countries in the world. Since the late 19th century, we have depleted the planet of roughly 100 trillion barrels of Oil . The number will just grow if, an organization with the resources, like the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries does not consider to find another form of energy that is in excess amount. The impact on oil is creating a enormous surge of power and wealth. This catalyze creates nothing but harm for individuals around the world, In less than 150 million years the world will have bled fifty percent of the world’s oil. The western oil companies have been slowly ruining the environment. They are producing oil at a remarkable pace since the 1930’s. Every year we have de- pleted the planet of more and more oil, which makes it harder for the people of not just the United States, but all countries who profit off oil, to create an environmentally friendly atmosphere. Michael Ecommides, a specialist on oil, believes that a person comes in contact with about 30,000 items that are related to oil one way or another. Nylon fabric is al- most in everyday life for most people, and this synthetic fabric can only be made, by crude oil. Headphones, volleyballs, kids toys, carpet, CD’s, all have a relationship with oil. In the of obtaining such items they need to be made in factories which are only working because of energy produced by oil, then shipped in gasoline facilitated
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vehicles, where consumers drive there cars, that use more oil to purchase the goods and then drive back home. It has become unfortunate to see just how dependent people are with oil. It is used more then everyone expects. It is a source of addiction for the common consumer. The average person in india uses about .26 gallons of oil a day. In china its .53 gallons a day, german is next with 3.44 gallon of oil and then the United States with the highest consumption rate of 7.11 gallons of oil per day. The United States uses a disturbing amount of oil. We wonder where the oil is going. The thriving countries, of China and India are not even using a quarter of the amount of oil that the United states uses. We can learn something important, that just because we live in a capital- ist society that energy is spent carelessly. China, is one country, that needs to be closely monitored. It is becoming a ma-
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extra paper - Patrick McGuinness Sut Jhally Comm 287...

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