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Unformatted text preview: ile there is no rigid format for a written case analysis, all papers should contain, in order, three basic sections: • a problem definition statement, which identifies the key issues facing management (not more than a few lines); • an analysis section which synthesizes and integrates the answers to the key questions for the case, but does not repeat the facts themselves, and presents logical arguments in defense of both the problem definition and the recommended solution; • a set of detailed recommendations (clarified and justified strategies and tactics) and suggestions for their implementation, including how to overcome any potential issues of implementation identified by the analysis Case schedule Case schedule • Starting from January 23, student will be assigned with individual case. Preparation time is five days. Presentation will be held during the lecture (no more than 25 minutes). • Each week, one student presents its case project Examination Examination There will be 3 multiple­choice tests. Two would be given as a midterm exams, the other one is the final. The date of exams and the preparation will be clarified later on during the class period. •...
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