Theassigned casesareintendedtogiveyoupracticein

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Unformatted text preview: s part of your appendices Separate appendices from the report by page­ break Design a unique cover page Paper volume is 30 ­ 35 pages More about paper More about paper • Follow the referencing and citing guide • Do not plagiarize Deadline Deadline • Week 15 (22.04.14 ­ 24.04.14) Assignment: Team project paper due at the beginning of the class • Weeks 16 ­ 17 Assignment: Team Presentations Case Study Case Study The case method is one of the most effective means of sharpening your decision­making abilities, requiring you to be an active participant in resolving a marketing problem. The assigned cases are intended to give you practice in assembling data to support a decision. Further, the case method provides a vehicle by which to apply the theories, concepts, and analytical devices discussed in a class or in the reading materials . Case Study Project Requirements: Project Requirements: • Papers should be typewritten and double­spaced. There is a word limit of 1000 words (about four pages) on text for the case write­up. Exhibits are not included in the word limit but should be used sparingly. Please make sure that you do not exceed this word limit. Put your student identification number, section on all written work Case Study Project Requirements: Project Requirements: • Wh...
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