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Ethics looks at the future it is concerned with the

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Unformatted text preview: a radical kind of doubt into the Ethics everyday world. Ethics looks at the future; it is concerned with the goodness and rightness of man's doing and making... it looks at the past for the sake of the future. Ethics seeks to clarify the logic and the adequacy of Ethics the values that shape the world; it assesses the moral possibilities which are projected and portrayed in the social give-and-take. social They are not trying to discover or develop standards of They morality for people. They are attempting to interpret what meaning can be found in human actions and, through reflection, how right or wrong are these 19 actions. actions. Defining Ethics Defining Besides the above definitions is Jeremy Bentham's Besides utilitarian definition: utilitarian "Ethics at large may be defined as the art of directing "Ethics men's actions to the greatest production of the greatest possible quantity of happiness on the part of those whose interest is in view. Ethics ... may be styled as the art of self-government." styled 20 Defining Ethics Defining From a deontological perspective, ethics teaches that From we ought to perfo...
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