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Religion can set high ethical standards and can

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Unformatted text preview: r of the But atheist as to that of the saint. 7 What is Ethics? Religion can set high ethical standards and can provide intense Religion motivations for ethical behavior. Ethics, however, cannot be confined to religion nor is it the same as religion. Being ethical is also not the same as following the law. The law Being often incorporates ethical standards to which most citizens subscribe. But laws, like feelings, can deviate from what is ethical. US’s But own pre-Civil War (1861-1865) slavery laws and the old apartheid laws of present-day South Africa are obvious examples of laws that deviate from what is ethical. Apartheid was a system of racial segregation enforced by the National Party governments of South Africa between 1948 and 1994, under which the rights of the majority 'non-white' inhabitants of South Africa were curtailed and white supremacy and Afrikaner minority rule was maintained. supremacy 8 What is Ethics? Finally, being ethical is not the same as doing "whatever Finally, society accepts." In a...
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