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While laws rules and regulations are reasonable while

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Unformatted text preview: me Court opinions to expect public administrators to know all of them. While laws, rules and regulations are reasonable While ordinances developed and promulgated for the common good by a lawful authority, some of these are not reasonable nor are they for the common good. not Discussion also focused on the duration of a law or Discussion rule. Frequently, laws remain on the books long after they have become obsolete. In addition, there are some laws and rules honored more in their breach than in their observance. than 25 THE DEONTOLOGICAL AND TELEOLOGICAL THE APPROACHES REVISITED APPROACHES When these situations occur, nobody is required to When obey the law, and it is time to change it. Obsolete laws or rules sometimes remain "on the books" so that the ruler, the superior, can apply them at will, but this is not in accordance with the nature of law. A person may be perfectly ethical in not abiding by person such silly principles. such The fact that there are so many laws and rules, and The that it would be difficult to know all of...
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