Yet the deontological approach does not tell us how

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Unformatted text preview: rm good actions, and it provides us with rules for doing so. Yet the deontological approach does not tell us how to do good. In a sense, the deontological approach is similar to the In “Five commandments" (Serve public interest, respect the constitution and law, demonstrate personal integrity, promote ethical organizations, strive for professional excellence) developed by the American Society for Public Administration for its membership. It contains rules or "moral standards,” but it does not It guarantee that we will follow the rules any more than the American Society for Public Administration's Code of Ethics guarantees that the membership will act in 21 accordance with those rules. accordance Defining Ethics Defining From a teleological perspective, ethics also From examines human actions and their consequences—not so much by applying absolute standards or rules, but by reflecting on their meaning and determining their rightness or wrongness depending on the situation, circumstances and intention of the actor. circumstances 22 THE DEONTOLOGICAL AND TELEOLOGICAL THE APPROACHES REVISITED APPROACHES Deontological theory provides objective laws, rules, Deontological standards or criteria to ena...
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